OLD version of Bella Hadid | The SIMS 4


Here is my Bella Hadid sim. This is the first version I made of Bella Hadid, I have made a way better second version which you can also find here on my blog. This is the OLD version. She is known for being the sister of Gigi Hadid and a model for many of the top brands and magazines. She has a very unique face that was hard to recreate in sims 4 CAS, especially her nose. You can download Gigi Hadid HERE. To make sure Bella looks like the images make sure to download the custom content listed in the description of the YouTube video and  linked below on this page. Without the custom content she will not look right. You’re welcome to leave a like and comment on my YouTube video if you download any of my sims!

Thanks to the following creators for making the custom content I used for this sim: s4models skin. Praline sims contour, eyes, eyeliner, nosemask. Nightcrawler hair. Alainavesna highlight. Kejiko lashes, alf sims eyebrows. I used two different eyes in the video but she is packaged with pralinesims N100 eyes and basegame clothes. The rest of the custom content is listed below. 


 Please do not re-upload my work or claim my creations as your own. If you use any of my sims in pictures or videos, please credit me and include a link to the video of that specific sim.

*List of Custom Content* (please download at own risk)
  • s4models poppy skin
  • pralinesims nosemask N01
  • pralinesims contour N01
  • nightcrawler hair
  • pralinesims eyes N100
  • sm-sims lipstick
  • alainavesna highlight and contour
  • pralinesims eyeliner N36
  • EA eyeshadow
  • ALF-soms #3 HQ eyebrows
  • Kijiko ver 2 expansion mesh eyelashes