The Sims 4 Megan Fox

The Sims 4 Megan Fox

This is the first version of Megan Fox I made back in 2016. She is one of my favorite sims to make as she is so pretty and has an interesting face. She is known for her role in the Transformers franchise and for being infamous for all her alleged plastic surgery. If you like her please leave a like in the video below!

* UPDATE* I have made a much better version of Megan Fox, click HERE or on the image below to download her and see the CC list.

To make Megan appear as the image make sure to download the custom content listed in the description of the YouTube video.

Please do not re-upload my work or claim my creations as your own. If you use any of my sims in pictures, please credit me and include a link to the video of that specific sim.

Sims 4 Megan Fox CC List 

brilliant skin s4models


S4models Rita faceshine

praline sims N100 water eyes

Nightcrawler sunny hair

Alf-si #03 HQ eyebrows

Pralinesims Nosemask n02


Pralinesims contour N01

pralinesims eyeliner N36

Kijiko ver 2 expansion mesh eyelashes

EA basegame eyeshadow


FRS fashionroyaltysims N03 Ivy Levan's lipstick