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Sims 4 Thylane Blondeau

Thylane Blondeau is a french model and actress. She began modeling at 4 years old and posed in french vogue when she was 10 years old which caused a lot of controversy and made her famous in the fashion industry. She is the daughter of the french television host Veronika Loubry and soccer player Patrick Blondeau. She is only 15 but has already modeled for a lot of famous brands and was just in her first french film. She is not that well known yet but she is super pretty so I decided to make her as a sim, she reminds me a bit of Gigi Hadid. All the custom content for Thylane is listed in the description of the YouTube video, you need it to make her look right. If you download Thylane, it would mean a lot to me if you left a comment my YouTube video below, I want to know what you think! I might possibly remake her if I find a good hooded eye skin.


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Thylane Blondeau

Custom Content used for Thylane Blondeau

 (see direct links in the description of the YouTube video:

  • Pralinesims eyes N90
  • Alainavesna face highlight and contour
  • Enigma Eyeliner N43 by Pralinesims
  • Pralinesims grunge eyeshadow tint N39
  • Tifa dark cirlcle
  • Pralinesims nosemask N02
  • Stealthic Eden hair
  • Shojoangel lipstick lipset 12
  • Kijiko ver 2 expansion mesh eyelashes
  • Julius Eyebrows N74
Download Custom Content Outfit: 

  • Slyd christy flats shoes
  • MFS missfortunesims Layla skirt
  • Sims 4 marigold New Crop Short Sleeves Top