The Sims 4 Jade Marie


I made Jade Marie as a sim in sims 4 create a sim, she's also known as jadeywadey180 on Instagram. She is a makeup artist, model and L'oreal Brand Ambassador. You can find her on Instagram on @jadeywadey180. She also has a YouTube channel called Jadeywadey180 where she does makeup tutorials. She is so pretty so I had to make her as a sim. Jade Marie is known for her nose highlight and contour, as well as her prominent cheek highlight, and I found the perfect custom content highlight for the sims 4 by jomsims, called the jomsims face modeler. It is linked in the video description in the YouTube video below where I show how I made her in the sims 4 CAS. The rest of the custom content is also linked. You can download Jade Marie by clicking the link below. There is no CC in the link, only the tray files.  Please do not reupload my work on the sims 4 gallery or other pages or claim my creations as your own. If you use Jade Marie in pictures, please credit me and include a link to the video below.

 ➜ Custom Content list with links at the bottom of this page

hallowsims hair Newsea Titanium hair recolor

pralinesims Elegant Eyebrows N24

pralinesims eyeliner N36

jomsims face modeler 4

Praline Sims Air Eyes N117

Praline Sims Mouth Corners N01

s4nexus defined mouth

pralinesims nosemask N02

mirabella skin oveerlay hq v1

pralinesims Milky Berry Lip Gloss N72

Sims 4 nexus defined nose

ms blue skintone

Kijiko ver 2 expansion mesh eyelashes

alaina vesna Enchanting Eyeshadow
(I can't find this, her Tumblr got taken down...)