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I made Bella Swan from Twilight with the new sims 4 vampire game pack. With the new vampire game pack a vampire sim has two forms, a normal human and a vampire, so in order to play as her you NEED to have the vampire game pack installed. I'm not sure if you can play as her human form without the vampires game pack, let me know. I have also uploaded her as a human only so you don't have to have the vampire pack to use her. In the sims 4 gallery search for #moongalaxysims to find her and some of my other sims like Madison Beer and Gigi Hadid. I typically don't upload my sims to the EA gallery as I always play in offline mode and my game also runs better in offline mode when I use CAS or build. I tend to also find the gallery too messy and annoying to navigate.

Please do not re-upload my work or claim my creations as your own. If you use any of my sims in pictures or videos, please credit me and include a link to the video of that specific sim. The download is free and NO custom content is included in the download. If you don't know how to install a sim, look at the "how to install sims" page in the menu above.

Custom Content For Bella Swan:

Stealthic aquaria hair

pralinesims N82 eyebrows

pralinesims eyes N98

shojoangel lipstick lipset 12

pralinesims grunge eyeshadow tint  N39

poppy skin s4models

pralinesims nosemask N01

kat von d contour palette by mac

pralinesims mouthcorners N04

Kijiko ver 2 expansion mesh eyelashes

Alf sims fox a eyeliner

Vampire Bella Cullen CC

pralinesims eyes N90

alesso Anto nana hair

ekinege top

slyd sneakers

Madlen boots