The Sims 4 Barbara Palvin

sims 4 barbara palvin cas

Sims 4 Barbara Palvin

I made Barbara Palvin as a sim! She is a famous model and works for all the top brands, and is a Victoria's Secret model as well. I've been wanting to make Barbara Palvin as a sim for a while, ever since I made Thylane Blondeau (download Thylane here). Barbara and Thylane look pretty similar and take a lot of pictures together on instagram, so I decided to try to make her. I think I got her features pretty close, her nose shape is really unique and super hard to make in cas and I can't seem to match her face shape completely, so I might make her again at some point. You can see the CAS video below and all the custom content I used for her is linked in this blog post, at the bottom of the page.

sims 4 barbara palvin cas

 There is no custom content in the link above, only the tray files for the sim. Please do not reupload or share my sims. If you use my sim in an image or video please credit me. All the custom content belongs to the creator.

sims 4 barbara palvin cas

sims 4 barbara palvin cas

  Sims 4 Barbara Palvin Custom Content List

Ms blue skintone

Sims 4 nexus defined nose

Kijiko ver 2 expansion mesh eyelashes

Hallowsims newsea sandglass

alf-si macro lipstick

pralinesims nosemask N02

pralinesims Rivix eyes N101

pralinesims Divine Eyebrows N53

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