The Sims 4 + FaceApp

megan fox the sims 4 faceapp

I tried FaceApp on my sims!

FaceApp is an app that scans a picture of your face and applies a filter that either makes you smile, makes you look older or as a man/woman. I think it looks really cute using the smile filter from FaceApp on my sims. It looks really life like and I personally like realism in the sims 4. In the image above you can see FaceApp applied to some of my sims: Alena Shishkova, Megan Fox, Jade Marie and Miss Brazil. You can see me make these sims in Create-A-Sim on my YouTube Channel linked below. Some people might think that using FaceApp on sims makes them look creepy and in the uncanny valley area, which is a term used to describe the negative feelings and revulsion humans feel when they look at something that looks almost human, but not quite, but I disagree. I got a comment on Instagram from someone who thought an image of Miss Brazil smiling looked creepy and some of the Reddit users on thesims sub downvoted my posts and said they looked too realistic, but I think that's ridiculous, I have got a long way to go before I would call my sims "too realistic". 

Megan Fox
Alena Shishkova 
Jade Marie
Miss Brazil
Madison Beer   

Here is another image using FaceApp on my sims: Lina, Megan Fox, Miss Brazil and Madison Beer. In the image below, the smile and age filter is applied to a picture of my Gigi Hadid sim. On the bottom of this page is a picture of Madison Beer.