The sims 4 Gigi Hadid


    Gigi Hadid in the sims 4 

I made Gigi Hadid as a sim for the third time.You can find my two other versions of Gigi Hadid and also Bella Hadid on my YouTube channel MoonGalaxySims, and here on my blog. This is the first version I made of Gigi Hadid and this is the second. I've been working on her for a while and decided to finally finish her so you can download her. I really like how realistic the skin I used for Gigi looks. I only make realistic looking sims and use Alpha CC so I aim for making real looking sims and good CC is a must. I love Gigi Hadid in real life and feel like I finally made a version of her that looks similar. She is wearing a Victorias Secret Pink outfit downloaded from thesimsresource.

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sims 4 gigi hadid

sims 4 gigi hadid

sims 4 gigi hadid

Sims 4 Gigi Hadid CC

Pink Fitness Outfit design by Saliwa

shojoangel LipsSet28

IMF Florence Eyeshadow N.24

Sims 4 nexus defined nose

alf-si sonya eyebrows

crybabies Doe eyes

alainavesha Highlight and Contour

Dolane Skin

ms blue skintone

Terra nosemask by screaming mustard