Sims 4 New Kardashian Sister

New Kardashian Sister Challenge

I made a new Kardashian Sister in the sims 4 CAS. I was inspired by a sims 4 tag I've seen on several sims channels. You're supposed to make a fictional 6th Kardashian sister. I based the Kardashian sister on a Kim Kardashian sim I made in the past. I've already made 4 of the Kardashian sisters and have made Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner as a sim twice. I haven't made Khloe yet, maybe I will one day. You can download all the Kardashian sisters on this blog. Let me know what you think of her. I named her Katie Kardashian. The download link is on the bottom of this page.


New Kardashian Sister CC List

(see Tray importer image above)

Blahberry Pancakes Toni Eyebrows
Crybabies Doe Eyes
Hallowsims Butterflysims123 Hair
Kad Von D shate + Light pallette by MAC
MYOBI eyeliner

Kardashian Clothes CC 

Madlen Rimezis shoes
PZC Soft Tank Top
Simpliaciaty Ephemeral Choker
Marigold Vintage Denim Jacket
AlecseyCOOL TS4 Unravel Project laced skinny trousers