The Sims 4 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie The Sims 4


I made Angelina Jolie as a sim in the sims 4! This is my second attempt at making Angelina Jolie as a sim. Angelina was one of the first celebrities I tried to make when I had just begun making sims, and it is about time I remade her as my first attempt was quite horrible compared my my newer sims. I worked really hard on her in order to do her justice and I think she turned out really well. It annoys me slightly that I couldn't use her signature mole above her eyebrow, as it used the same slot as the cc mouth corners, so I had to make a choice. You can download Angelina Jolie below by clicking the link. The file only contains the five tray files. The custom content for Angelina Jolie is shown in the image below, taken from sims 4 tray importer. I have also listed some of the cc.

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The sims 4 Angelina Jolie Download

The sims 4 Angelina Jolie Download

Custom Content for Angelina Jolie Sims 4

pralinesims eyebrows n97

pralinesims eyebags n10

pralinesims eyeliner n40

alf-sims macro lipstick 01

sims 4 kat von D shade + light pallette by mac sims 4

pralinesims eyeshadow n25

pralinesims nosemask n02

s4nexus mouth definition 01


stealthic reprise hair

pralinesims mouthcorners 01

PralineSims Galdin eyes N137

s4models poppy skin

Sims 4 nexus defined nose

remove ea eyelashes mod

Alaina Vesna Highlight and Contour Alaina Lina