If Bella Had A Sister


If Bella Had A Sister Challenge

I made Stella Bachelor, Bella’s sister, for the If Bella had a sister Sims 4 challenge on YouTube. The Rules were that you had to make a fictional sister for Bella and you’re not allowed to change any of the presets. I think Bella looks kind of basic standing next to a sim with so much custom content, so I'm going to give her a makeover as well. Bellla's maiden name was Bachelor, which is why it's her sisters surname. The CC I used for Stella is shown in the Sims 4 Tray Importer image at the bottom of this page. Let me know if there's some of the CC you can't find, by commenting in the YouTube video linked below, or you can contact me anonymously through my Tumblr page if you want that, and I'll try to help.  I don't check the private comments I get on this page very often.

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