Sims 4 Townie Makeover Bella Goth

Sims 4 Bella Goth Makeover 

I gave Bella Goth a Makeover!

After making Bella Goth's sister for the "If Bella Had a Sister Challenge" Bella was looking a little rough in comparison, so I decided to give her a makeover. I wanted to keep her looking pretty similar so you could still tell it was Bella Goth, just better, a little more defined and sexy.
I'm going to be doing more townie makeovers in the future for sure, compared to my alpha sims, the basegame ones are not keeping up. You can see Bella Goth's sister, Stella Bachelor, on my blog - here -
Download Bella Goth on The Sims 4 Gallery, search for #moongalaxysims. The CC list from Tray importer is on the bottom of this page, let me know if there's any problems or you can't find the CC and I'll help you. I tend to use the same CC for a lot of my sims, so you can likely find a link to it on one of my other pages or on YouTube. 

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sims 4 bella goth makeover

sims 4 bella goth makeover